Live Video from Dji Headquarters .

Update 17 : Dji Inspire another live video feed from the drone and the last one . That is all ! Any Opinions ?

Screenshot 2014-11-13 03.02.07

Update 16 : The guys from „The MythBusters” are explaining the benefits of using a drone in the movie/documentary/video industry .

dji stage mythbusters

Update 16 : The guys from „The mythbusters” are on the stage

dji inspire mythbusters

Update 15 : $2899 with one controller.

Update 14 : New remote controller , the lightbrigde it is integrated in the new dji inspire 1 , the remote controller have a usb port for video transmission .

dji inspire remote controll

Update 13 : Dji inspire is here , with 360 degrees camera gimbal, 6s battery , 1,3cmos sensor, 19 minutes time flight, nd filter and polarizes, 3 axis camera gimbal, full 360 degrees camera rotation, camera is modular to replace in the future

dji inspire

Update 12 : Dji Inspire presentation and live video feed from the location :

Screenshot 2014-11-13 02.46.54

Update 11 : Software for 2d and 3d mapping !

Screenshot 2014-11-13 02.42.08

Update 10 : Phantom SDK

dji sdk

Update 9 : Dji company evolved to 2800 employees !

dji employees

Update 8: Frank Wang it is explaining the evolution of the Dji Company.

dji evolution

Update 7 : Frank Wang Ceo and founder of Dji is on the stage

dji ceo

Update 6 : It seems that all the important people from the drone industry are here , also the loved Myth Busters team !!

dji inspire mythbusters

Update 5 : Dji is now Live !

Dji live

Update 4: One beautiful girl from Dji ? Maybe…

dji girl

Update 3: In less than 10 minutes the conference will start ! Stay tuned !

Update 2 : A picture from the Conference posted by Dji Global on Twitter !

Screenshot 2014-11-13 02.01.01

Update 1 , we have the first picture from the Dji Inspire conference !


dji inspire
dji inspire


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